Tuesday, 14 May 2013

The Bridesmaids

Hello Lovelies.
In a previous post I explained the process of choosing your Wedding dress. Now that's done and dusted (hopefully), it's time to get your bridesmaids sorted! 

At times this can be more challenging than choosing your own! Reasons for this tend to be, the amount of bridesmaids you choose, different ages, different shapes and sizes, different tastes, skin and hair colours and so on. A lot to take into consideration you might say. Sometimes you may be lucky and suit all your bridesmaids tastes etc and have everyone in the same dress, but this is rare. Unless you are adamant that you want everyone in the same, why not consider having everyone in the same colour but different styles?

My number one favourite for these dresses is Two Birds.
They are a bridesmaid dress company who specialize in one dress that can be tied 15 different ways! I know there has been a huge hype about these dresses lately, no surprise, they really are the best idea. They suit every shape and size possible, and it can be worn in whatever way the individual bridesmaid wants making it unique to her. They are made of a poly jersey blend so are extremely comfortable and lightweight, and there are no alterations needed.
They come in numerous styles; Classic Ball gown, High low gown, Classic short straight, Full mini rosette. All come in stunning variety of colours for all schemes and as a bonus the dresses can be customized. Once the big day is over, the dresses can even be worn again, for a night out, holidays or everyday life. 

Alternatively check out these sites for stunning bridesmaid dresses in tonnes of styles and colours;

Misses Dressy- Has one of the largest variety of dresses out there. Plenty to suit all budgets, styles and colours. You really will have an endless choice! Also perfect for evening styles.

Kelsey Rose- for stunning romantic styles with a twist in the most gorgeous colours. Their candy colours are perfect for a spring/summer wedding.

Sorella Vita- A wide range of different styles from simple satin, to delicate chiffon, with hints of lace. Large variety of colours sure to suit even the fussiest of maids.

Jlm Couture- Has plenty of choice for all wedding styles. Anything from short and flirty, to stunning elegance. 

What's your favourite style of bridesmaid dress?

Happy shopping