Thursday, 25 April 2013

Shopping Trip

Hello, hello :)

Yesterday I had a brilliant shopping trip with my Mum. We haven't been shopping for a long time now, so we thought it was about time!

Now usually for me it's a case of if I have no money I see everything I want/need, but if I have money I see nothing at all. This time it was totally different! I had money and I saw soooo much. I was buzzing. Only problem was I knew I had a lot to pay for this month, Scott's birthday, car insurance renewal, M.O.T, my brother's birthday etc. So I was very good and limited myself to things that I really wanted/needed! I admit, the things I did get, I didn't necessarily need at the moment, but I thought well I'm sure a treat won't do any harm.

So the first place we went was h&m, I did see a few things in here that I was planning to get, but I'm one of those people who likes to shop around first as I may find something better. Which I did! We did the same in New Look. Then ventured on...until we got to Tk Maxx. Now Mum loves this shop, I can deal with it if I can be bothered to sift through everything. So most of the time I whine (only a little :p) if Mum wants to go in, but then I get in there and find loads! Literally it happens every time! 

So these are the few bits I purchased from Tk Maxx:

Mimi Chica dress- £16.99
Lovely denim summer dress, with lace panel and shirred back. Really lightweight, perfect for anyone's Jolly Holiday!

Influence denim style shirt- £9.99
Definitely a steal for the price! Nice light weight denim style shirt. Pale blue with a really cute mini heart print all over. Gotta love the tie at the bottom too, Im a sucker for this style of shirt!

Qed London Bird print T shirt dress- £16.99
I fell in love with this at first glance! It is just a simple T shirt style dress, soft lightweight jersey, but with THE most gorgeous bird print design. The colours on the picture really don't do it justice. I had to get it in a Large because that's all that was left, but with a belt round it will be perfect.

Next up was Primark. I was a little disappointed when I didn't really find anything leaping out at me, but in our Primark it can have good and bad months. However I did find a few things. So i got a bed sheet and some pillow cases in a dusky pink (didn't take a picture as they weren't very exciting) really reasonable price though, the pillow cases were £1.90 for 2 and I think the bed sheet was £5 or something.
The exciting part was the Duvet covers I found. I was another falling in love moment!

These were an amazing £11 each! Double duvet covers plus pillow cases. I was amazed! The patterns and colours are perfect for spring. They are just simple cotton covers but I think this is even better, what with the days (hopefully) getting warmer. They had a few other styles too, but I think these were the prettiest. Very vintage and sweet.

Last but not least we went to Clintons to look for a card for my brother in Sweden. Until we spotted the Yankee Candles! They don't have the biggest selection but a decent one. So I go these 3 sampler candles.

I am obsessed with Yankee Candles, so any chance I get to buy them I will more than likely do so. I tend to buy the sampler ones first then if I really love a certain one, I will then get a larger jar. I was feeling in a particularly sweet mood that day. I haven't lit any of these yet but the smells that emit off them just sitting on my bedside table are the sweetest and most summery I've ever smelt. I definitely recommend these 3 scents! Can't go wrong for £1.80 each, they even burn for up to 15 hours! Bonus!

Brilliant day shopping, I may have to go back to purchase the things I didn't get from H&m and New Look soon! Definitely feeling in more of a springy mood, even if the weather is miserable.

Happy Spring :)