Thursday, 12 December 2013

Updates updates updates!

Helloo lovies! It is fabulous to see your pretty faces again. 
Yes I have disappeared for a rather long while, for this I am sorryyyyyy!

 I took a break from most things after my holiday...strange you might say seen as though the holiday should have been the break, but hey ho!
I went through some bloggers block and decided rather than telling you all about a load of pointless shizzle it would be better to refresh and rejuvenate.

So here I am, back and fresh as a daisy!
Whilst gone I have been uber busy, Christmas shopping, as I'm sure we all have. Studying my Make-up Artistry course (intense but fab)! Also planning the big day!! Eeek super exciting, but also very time consuming, mind consuming and all round stressful, and we haven't even got anything set in stone yet. A lot of my days have been spent on Pinterest, the God send that it is, looking for ideas.

So with all that going on I guess you really can't call it a break...hmm..
I also attended Clothes Show Live on Tuesday 10th With my lovely chum and Bridesmaid Alaina. Unfortunately purchases were very few and I think all I picked up were a few Barry M nail varnishes and some Goody bags. You just can't beat a goood, goody bag! All in all though a funtabulous day out.

On another note in the New Year I am hoping to get on the go with my YouTube music channel. I have wussed out way too many times now and I feel, what have I honestly got to lose, yes people could hate it, some will, but hopefully, some of you will like it :)

Soo people this is where we are at for the time being. Keep your little peepers open for more updates and I promise there will be many more blog posts to come, very soon.

Hope everyone is looking forward to Crimbo!!

Did anyone else attend Clothes Show Live? What did you think?

Also has anyone got any tips for my Music videos? :)

Toodles for now :)