Sunday, 24 March 2013

Firstly, Hello! :)

Well Hello wonderful world of blogging :) 
I wasn't too sure what to write in my first blog entry, but i figured rather than jumping straight into it, I had better introduce myself.

My name is Claire, I am 23 and I am a Northerner :p

I have had one or two blogs set up in the past, just waiting for me to start writing and sharing, but i was always tied up with work and study. I always seemed to be buried under mounds of fabric and threads!
I am now much more free, so I figured i had no excuse! Time to start writing and sharing my thoughts.

I am a dressmaker, singer and lover of travelling, beauty, fashion and anything creative. This blog will be full of treasures, such as; things i have purchased, anything fashion and beauty related, my opinions on products and places i have visited. Maybe even the odd music bits and bobs thrown in there for good measure.

I hope you enjoy all the entries to follow as i will look forward to writing them.
Nice to meet you all :)