Thursday, 18 April 2013

Elf Lippies

As a long time lover of Elf products I thought I would do an in depth review of the Lipsticks I have purchased over time.

I have a total of 7 Lipsticks and 2 Lip tints all from the Mineral Line. I think when I bought them, they were £5, but looking on the site now they appear to be £2.50, Bargain!! 
The reason I specifically chose the Mineral line was due to the ingredients. As mentioned in a few of my previous blogs I have to be careful what I use on my lips. The mineral lipsticks are 100% mineral based and contain no parabens, preservatives or chemical dyes. Safe to say I was in heaven!

There are a range of 17 shades and all look beautiful on the site. The lipsticks themselves come in very sleek professional looking packaging (apologies, the ones in the picture are well used). They are all highly pigmented and glide on soo smoothly, almost butter like in texture. On an average 10-6 shift at work I tend to only have to reapply twice at the most, the 2nd application is not always necessary but it just creates a fresh layer. Does not dry out the lips in fact it keeps them surprisingly hydrated and soft.

Links on pictures

Nicely Nude- Not as nude as expected but a nice surprise. A lovely pinky coral colour with a hint of peach. Perfect for those neutral makeup days. A definite springtime shade.

Party Pink- Another that wasn't as expected when it arrived but again Elf don't fail to impress with their colours. This one is similar to Nicely Nude except it has a little more of a rosy tone. I would team this again with natural makeup, but also looks lovely for a night out with a dramatic smoky eye. A nice one to dress up or down.

Natural Nymph- By far my favourite lipstick out of the lot! (As you can see by how worn down it is). The name is just too cute and so is the colour. This was literally my go to shade everyday. It is THE perfect nude, with a very slight shimmer. This one definitely goes with any makeup look. I would wear it on a brave no makeup day, an everyday work makeup day and on a night out with a smoky eye. A real necessity for your makeup collection!

Cheerful Cherry- One of my more daring buys. I've never been a bright lipstick kinda girl, always stuck to pastels and neutrals, but i gave it a go. I am Glad I did! You will be too! As described in the name, this is a stunning Cherry red. It's not a crazy in your face red but a nice deep one. I love this lipstick with a simple cat eye look, natural matte complexion, then the colour on your lips just makes the whole thing pop! 

Runway Pink- This one is another of my faves. The picture doesn't do this one justice. The best way I can describe it is, a gorgeous pastel pink. Such a fun girly colour! I would always turn to this if I was feeling like a natural shade, with a flirty twist. Looks amazing with a really dramatic lash, whether it be falsies or just a dramatic mascara. I think in this case, pink definitely makes the boys wink.

Fiery Fuschia- Another impulse buy. Not one of my favourite, I have to be in the right mood to wear this one. It's a very rosy red with a peachy tint. Quite a deep colour when on the lips so I feel it is best worn for a night out, not necessarily a day time shade. Looks nice with a peachy toned blusher and dusky brown eyemakeup.

Rich Raspberry- Apologies for the way the lipstick actually looks, it broke over a period of time :( I adore this colour! A very daring one but so effective. It's a vibrant but deep plum, it also has a slight hint of pinky red too, but unfortunately my pictures don't show this. Most people would probably normally wear this for a night time occasion but I couldn't help but wear it during the day. Very striking so you don't need much else on the face.

Lip Tints- I received both of these lip tints in a lucky bag, and I was very lucky to get 2 amazing shades! They both have SPF 8 which is a bonus and really nourishes the lips. Small and cute too, perfect to just throw in your bag. Although they are classed as lip 'tints' they are still very pigmented, so you get the best of both worlds, lip care and gorgeous colour! WIN!

Pink- A beautiful peachy pink, nicely pigmented but not in your face colour. Just a pleasant natural pinky lip.

Berry- It's nice to find a bold lip tint. Most that I've found do tend to be pale, but this was a lovely surprise! I would say almost as pigmented as the actual lipsticks. The name describes it perfectly, a pretty berry red colour. 

I really do recommend all these and the other colours of lipstick that Elf do! They are perfect for anyone and everyone from beginner to expert. If you want brilliant, long lasting colour and pigmentation, with a smooth texture, for a steal of a price get these popped in your basket!

Anyone else a fan of Elf? What other products have you used?