Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Get that dewy glow

As spring appears to be rearing it's pretty little head, I figured it was time to dig out some lighter makeup.

Avon face pearls to be precise...

(Link on image)

These have been by far my favourite bit of kit for a long time now, and for £9 it really is a steal!

The pearls come in 3 different shades ranging from dark, medium and light (sorry the order is wrong on the picture and it doesn't really do the colours justice).

The pearls come in a sleek black glossy tub. Upon opening there is a sponge/puff to apply the pearls and then the pearls themselves, of which there are plenty.
I prefer to use the actual sponge that it comes with than a brush simply because you get a more powder off the pearls, whereas if a brush is used the pearls get trapped in it. When I first use these I wasn't sure how long they would last or how soft they were, but they really do last ages! I purchase roughly 2 a year if that.

It is advised to use the pearls to give an illuminating glow to the cheeks and brow, but I tend to apply it gently all over the face once my concealer and BB cream have been applied. They give a gorgeous rosy dewy glow. They do have a little bit of a shimmer to them also but this does help towards the dewy look.

On a good skin day they can be worn alone to create a bit of warmth but without being heavy, but can be built up depending on how much colour you want. They don't give a huge amount of coverage but they do seem to just improve the look of my skin without makeup.
An all round lovely natural sheen. I would say if you are more of a fan of matte makeup then these probably aren't your thing, but they really brighten up the skin, give them a go!

Perfect everyday staple for those spring/summer days.