Saturday, 6 April 2013

Huge hoarder

I am terrible when it comes to not wanting to throw anything out. It's not just any old bits and pieces, it's fabric!
Obviously being a dressmaker I am expected to have plenty of fabric lying around, but I really do think I have a bit of a problem. At the moment I have a huge chest full to the brim of fabric, another two boxes full, random bags dotted around here and there with even more in. To be honest, if I really wanted to, I could actually set up my own fabric store. The main problem is, that it's literally all fabric that I haven't used for ages! But just like when you're clearing out your wardrobe, when it comes to clearing out my fabric boxes I'm always like 'Ohh but I might use it for this, or this, orrrr....' and then I just put it back in. I shouldn't do this!

The other issue is that I just can't help myself when it comes to buying more! Even if I've not really got any plans to make anything with a certain piece, if it's that nice, I just buy it! It's just soo damn tempting.
Before I know it I won't be able to move for the stuff.

What do you hoard and why?