Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Perfume Collection

I have a rather large perfume collection, in my opinion anyway.
I always tend to be attracted by the bottle, even if I can't tell what it smells like! A pretty bottle = a purchase for Claire...probably not the most money savvy approach but hey!

So here goes:

1. Dior Pure Poison

This is by far one of my favourite perfumes, but also one that i can rarely afford. I tend to purchase this at the airport (gotta love duty free) or my boyfriend has bought it for me in the past.
The scent is a mix of; orange Blossom, jasmine, gardenia, amber and sandalwood.
I feel it is delicate yet seductive. It lasts all day without fading. You don't need to spray much to smell the amazing fragrance.
Definitely my number one perfume, and the bottle is gorgeous!

2. Chanel Chance

This is one of my newer perfumes. I got this in at duty free in Menorca last year. After spending what seemed like hours looking at all the stunning bottles and smelling numerous ones, I found this simple little beauty.
I loved how it came in a gorgeous pink box and i loved the simplicity of the bottle, and the fragrance of course!
The scent is a mix of; White musk, hyacinth and citron, pink pepper, jasmine, fresh vetiver, orris absolute and amber patchouli.
The fact that has all those exotic sounding fragrances just seems so interesting.
It's hard to explain how this one smells, it's definitely a very gentle floral scent but very fresh too. I will definitely re purchase this!

3. Avon Far Away Exotic

Now when i was younger and my mum used to buy things from Avon, i always thought it would be full of random makeup and old floral fragrances (Kind of like Grandma would wear) however when i grew up and opened my first Avon catalogue, it was like a treasure trove!
I love how their perfumes are soo reasonably priced especially for the size you get.
It's always a bit of a risk buying from the catalogue due to them only having that whole 'rub the page for scent' thing. But this risk paid off.
The scent is a mix of; chai spice, lavish saffron rose and ambered musk.
This is definitely what it says on the box, exotic. I immediately felt like i was on a beach somewhere. It also kind of reminds me of the smell of  Malibu (the drink) for some reason. 
Not as keen on the bottle, but i can live with that.

4. Valentino Rock n Rose Couture

This has always been another of my top perfumes, even though I have only had it once. It was one of the first presents my boyfriend bought me :) 5 years on and he's still buying me new perfumes that he thinks I will like (he always gets it right <3).
I totally fell in love with this bottle! I am a sucker for anything lace so this was perfect, which is why even though it's now empty I still can't throw the bottle, too cute!
The Scent is a mix of; frothy pink roses, smooth bergamot, creamy vanilla and soft iris wood.
This is a very girly, elegant and smooth. It is a much lighter smell than the original Rock n Rose perfume.
I would say this is more of a night scent, although I did wear it throughout the day and always got compliments on it.
I really do need to buy some more actually!

5. DKNY Be Delicious Fresh Blossom

I would say this is one of my least favourite scents. I bought this plus the original Be Delicious in a gift set on the plane to Lanzarote. I didn't like the original Be Delicious at all so i gave that to my mum. I kept the Fresh Blossom for myself as it was still a nice scent.
The scent is a mix of; grapefruit, cassis, apricot, sheer muguet, petal rose and jasmine.
It is a very light floral yet fruity fragrance. Which i think is why i wasn't too sure. I usually like one or the other. I think you do get the fruitiness more over the floral scent. Definitely more of a spring/summer fragrance.

6. Herve Leger Intrigue

Another brilliant Avon perfume for another brilliant price. Again with this I wasn't 100% sure of how it would smell, but once again i took the risk and it paid off. I also got a shower gel and body lotion with the perfume which are both nice too.
The scent is a mix of; elegant white tea, lavish cashmere woods and sublime musk.
It is an all rounder perfume perfect for day or night, any occasion. A nice sophisticated, feminine scent. The ombre effect bottle is a nice touch too!

7. Coco Chanel Mademoiselle

Yet another of my definite faves. I have had quite a few bottles of this. Just so classy and sophisticated in every way. Especially the box!
The scent is a mix of;  Oriental-fresh, a floral jasmine-rose accord, as light as a petal.
The scent isn't the longest lasting, but this doesn't put me off. It is a nice light, fresh fragrance, very elegant and timeless.

8. Calvin Klein Forbidden Euphoria

When I bought this I actually intended on buying the Original Euphoria, but after going back and fourth between the two, i decided on this one. I adore this bottle and it is definitely the perfume I am wearing most at the moment.
The scent is a mix of; mandarin, passion fruit and iced raspberry. Plus pink peony, tiger orchid and jasmine.
I even love the scents individually so the fact that they're all in one bottle is perfect. I would say it's a very modern, flirty scent with a hint of the exotic to it.

9. Avon Far Away

Annnd another Avon purchase. Got to admit it's too tempting when you see the catalogue lying there full of pretty things. I bought this on a whim as it was in the sale, couldn't help myself. Not one massively one of my favourites but it's still a nice one.
The scent is a mix of; Exotic blooms and sandalwood.
It lasts a long time before having to re apply, which is always a good point. Again not really keen on this bottle but i can live with it. It still has that exotic smell too it but its also flowery and feminine.

10. Flora By Gucci

Last but certainly not least . This is another bought by my boyfriend which I'd never tried before. Loved it from the word go. The box is so chic as is the bottle. Unfortunately this one is pretty much all gone, so i will repurchase asap!
The scent is a mix of; crunchy green accord, rose, osmanthus flower and sandalwood.
I lovee the smell of this one, definitely was my all time favourite, and I think still will be if i get some more. It's very fresh and light, whilst still being fruity and feminine. Another that can be worn day or night.

Soo that is my perfume collection. Sorry for such a long post but i feel it was needed. Hope it gives a bit of insight into them. 

Enjoyy :) x