Saturday, 30 March 2013

Working 9 til 5...

I have to admit, I have an interesting job. As much as it can be stressful and difficult at times, it is hugely rewarding!

Now I am not yet a bride myself, but the fact that I am involved in a massive part of a brides wedding adventure is such an uplifting feeling.

From the picture on a girls face when she sees the boutique, to the moment she see's the catwalk and all the dresses lined up, just waiting for her to try on. The delicate lace, luxurious silks and all the sparkle and pearls a girl could wish for!

It's amazing to find out the wide array of things each girl is doing/having for their wedding. Venues, colours, flowers. It can be anything from your standard traditional wedding to something totally outrageous and unique. Either way it's so interesting!

The moment a girl is in the dresses she had picked is exciting. It can go one of two ways, either down the route of ruling it out and progressing onto a better one, or walking out onto the catwalk and absolutely loving what she see's. That is the moment i love the most. It's even better if I have picked the dress out for her.

It's that look on her face when she reaches the end of the catwalk and looks into the huge gold mirror and is over the moon with what she sees. It's either a moment of 'I absolutely LOVE this'/'This is the one'/pause for a while before filling up. All these reactions are just so lovely to watch. 
Take one girl I had in recently, she tried the dress on in the morning of that day. Both her and her mum filled up because they loved the dress. Then she came back again the same day but in the afternoon. The exact same thing happened again. They both filled up and hugged. Such a beautiful moment!

The other moments I love are when the curtain is drawn back and the family/friends sitting at the end of the catwalk see the girl in the dress. It's just priceless! Jaws drop and no-one says anything. No words are needed, it is literally just that perfect.

So all in all, I have to admit I do enjoy my job for the experiences, the people, the fact that I have been involved in making someones big day that much more special and the fact that I do get to look at dozens of stunning dresses and accessories on a daily basis :p
I hope all you brides out there have an amazing experience when you buy your dress. You deserve it! :)