Sunday, 31 March 2013

Chick chick chicken, Lay a little chocloate egg for mee..

So on the rare occasion that I have a Sunday off work, I try to make the most of it!

I am currently surrounded by chocolate eggs that I could easily sit around eating, but I am going to be very good and plan my next D.I.Y projects for you all.

Coming up in the near future...
Galaxy print
Feather tops
Lace shoes
Easy summer dresses
Decorate your sunnies
Plus loadsss more....

Today me and my Fashionary have been teaming together and designing. I'm still working on the Wonderland themed project so bear with me for that. Today has just been a general, draw whatever pops into my head day, it seems to have gone quite well I think.

Also Scott needed a bit of cheering up today so me and my mum 'made' these for him. (I say made, but to be fair it wasn't the most tasking of things but fun nonetheless).

F.Y.I He's a bit of a gym freak, he loves eating eggs!!

Happy Easter everyone!

x :)