Sunday, 31 March 2013

I am a review freak!

I really am!

As I mentioned in a previous post, me and my other half Scott are going to Florida in September. Now even before we decided we were going, I was looking for hotels and checking reviews.
Then when we did decide to go, we got down to the serious business of choosing the right hotel for us. So after hours and hours of trawling through the endless list and trawling through even more on Trip Advisor, we found one that was perfect for us.

All fair and well, BOOKED! Now even though it's all booked and sorted, I still persist to have a tab saved for that said hotel on Trip Advisor, and I literally check it everyday! I don't know whether to say this is a sad problem I have or whether i'm actually just taking general interest in the hotel. I think it's probably more the first one.

I always dread seeing a bad review, and it's even worse seeing more than one in a row! I go into panic mode and start thinking 'Oh no we need to find another hotel!', until I read it properly and realize that the person has posted a bad review for the most pathetic reason ever. So then I feel better about the whole situation.

So all in all it probably would be a good idea if I closed that specific tab to save my sanity. But i'm more than likely going to keep it there and carry on reading the reviews because I really am just a bit of an idiot like that!

Is it just me that does this?