Sunday, 31 March 2013

What's on my Kobo..

I love my Kobo! She is my life saver, and space saver for that matter.

My room is small and I don't really have much room for storage. I have too many fashion/dressmaking books as it is along with other random books, so when I want more I cannot really afford to take up the already limited space I have. Therefore my Kobo is such a handy little thing. She keeps all my books in one perfect, small, cute space. So here is what's on my Kobo;

Songwriting For Dummies

Nice To Meet You- Jessie J

Chocolate Shoes and Wedding Blues

Fashion Drawing For Dummies

The Perfect Location

The Bridesmaid Pact

A Year in High Heels

Design Create Sell

In Fashion

The Black Book Of Style

The Freelance Fashion Designers Handbook

The Green Beauty Recipes

Natural and Organic Beauty Recipes

Stylists Secrets

How to Look Pretty Not Plastered

Half of these I haven't read yet, but I plan on doing soon (I keep saying this). I'm sure I will add more to the collection :)