Thursday, 4 April 2013

Let The Battle Commence!

 I was randomly shopping in my local supermarket...

 and remembered I desperately needed mascara as mine was starting to dry up. I normally have a lot of mascaras on the go, but recently for some odd reason I haven't.
I'm a bit of a mascara fiend, can't help but try new ones as often as I can afford. So strolling down the Health and Beauty aisles I came across the makeup and as they only sell Rimmel, Collection 2000 or Maybelline, I didn't have a huge range of choice.
My final decision was going to be Maybelline 'the falsies' volum' express, until another one caught my eye; Maybelline 'the colossal' volum' express.

My predicament was that both the bottles were attractive, They were the same price (about £7.99 I think) and obviously I didn't have a clue which would be better. So I bought them both.
I've tried them both, and it's amazing the difference between two (what seem similar) mascaras from the same company.

I don't like to slate products as such, but for me the falsies one was just no good for me. On first opening I noticed the brush had a slight curve to it, which in past experiences with mascaras has always been a good thing. Only thing I wasn't sure on was the brush looked a little bit worn and not the best quality. I was expecting it to give me what it says on the bottle 'falsies' or at least the look of, but I didn't find it did this for me. It didn't curl my lashes (even after i'd used my eyelash curler) just kinda sat there. As it says do not let dry between coats, I continued to apply another coat whilst still wet, however when i did this it went really clumpy and made my lashes extremely spider like.
It may have just not been the right mascara for me, but I was just expecting more.

On the other hand, the Colossal one was amazing!
On opening, the brush looked quite thick and really good quality. After applying the first coat, I instantly loved it! I have naturally quite long lashes. This mascara curled them and made them appear sky high! It made them thick without being spidery or clumpy. Just perfectly defined, full lashes. To be honest, I would say that this mascara was more like a False eyelash effect than the other one. Lasts all day too and doesn't lose the curl. I would say this mascara would be perfect for anyone with long lashes to dramatize them even more, and for  someone with shorter lashes it will definitely create the drama and the look of longer lashes. I will definitely be buying this again.
I love the yellow and purple packaging too!