Monday, 8 April 2013

The Perfect Glow

With summer not being here yet, (that's if it ever does arrive) I am in the desperate need for a bit of a natural glow. For my birthday this year, my other half bought me some Soap and Glory products (which I adore)!

One of these was the Glow Job Daily Radiance Moisture Lotion. For a start I freaking love the name!

The moisturizer itself is very hydrating but light. My previous moisturizer was the Lush Skin Drink, which was definitely a good option for really dry skin, but I found it was very thick, and didn't sink into the skin very well. Therefore I normally use it at night and Glow Job in the morning.

Glow Job is a radiance moisturizer (as it says on the bottle) but it has a little extra surprise...little bronzing beads. Now from previous experience using bronzing products on my face, I always found that most either looked really orange and fake, or just settled in my pores making me look dirty. But this little number does neither! Which is and absolute dream!

You only need a tiny amount for the whole face and neck, as you're massaging it into the face, the little bronzing beads burst and spread with the rest of the cream. It gives a lovely colour, just a hint of tan and it leaves a dewy radiant glow. I use this everyday, sometimes totally on it's own when i'm having a lay about the house day, but if I'm having a bad skin day I use it under my BB cream. It really helps even out the skin tone and it has such a lovely scent of vanilla and orange.

Definitely a staple that should be in your makeup bag!
(I would do a before an after look, but the lighting in my house isn't that great at the moment!)

Have you used this product? What did you think?