Thursday, 1 August 2013

I'm Shopping in the Rain

Hello prettyfulls :)

Yesterday called for another shopping trip for me for yet more holiday treasures. Even though it was raining BAD this didn't stop me throwing my glad rags on grabbing my umbrella and heading out the door for a serious shop. 

I seriously think by now I have gathered enough to last me for well over a few months, and I'm only going for 10 nights! Even so, I am still using my hols as an excuse to buy more and more. A girl just has to!

So as I bought so much I figured I would split this post up to make it less of an eye glazing over read :p

Here are the smaller of the items I snapped up;

Cute Tan faux Leather purse with Gold bow detail;
£5.99 from Primark (There was a matching bag, however I couldn't find it :()

The sweetest little pastel bracelets;
£4.99 from New Look.

Carmex Moisture Plus Lip Balm;
Available in Sheer Pink, Sheer Peach (pictured below), Plum and Berry. £4.46 from Boots. These are amazing, the hydration and protection of Carmex with a subtle but sweet sheer colour. LOVE!

I also had a delivery just before I left to go on the big shop, So I had exciting things to come back to :D 

Velcro Sleep in Rollers;
£14.99 for a set of 20 from MissGuided. Also come with a large set of bobby pins.

I also decided to jump on the band wagon and order me some Real Techniques brush sets. I normally use E.l.f ones but they have become a little tatty now.

Real Techniques Brush Sets;
Starter Kit £17.07 from Amazon. Core Collection Kit £17.84 from Amazon.

So that's just the first part of a 3 or possibly 4 parter. Hope you liked the few bits I picked up.

Has anyone else bought/used any of these products?