Thursday, 1 August 2013

Don't Step On My Blue Suede Shoes

So here's the second part of the big shopping haul. This one is all about the shoes! A girl's gotta have her fair share of shoes hasn't she?

Buying shoes is not normally on my agenda, I have no idea why, as I adore shoes but makeup and clothes always tend to steal my money away before shoesies get the chance to hop in.
This time it was time for a few nice pairs to make an entrance to my wardrobe.

First up were from New Look. They are the same pair of shoes, but I just had to get them in 2 colours as they were crazily comfortable! They are the softest dolly shoes I have ever tried on and look so Dainty on the feet. Too cute to leave behind if you ask me :) and they were only £7.99!! Bonus!!

I also picked up two pairs from Primark. Everyone has to love Primark shoes, super cheap, gorgeous designs and still good quality. So I picked up a pair of slipper style shoes in black with white polka dots on. These just looked too sweet and would go with absolutely anything and at a fab price of £5.99 who could say no?
A pair of navy pumps with white polka dots on also found their way into my shopping basket. I love Primark's pumps as they are just soo comfy and I know I will be wearing these when I go off on my hols. Only £3.99 for their pumps, score!!

Very happy with my shoe purchases, I definitely recommend every pair due to comfort and style. Hey you can't beat stylish comfort can you :)
And all at extremely good prices, go out and get some for yourselves! (If they're your style of course).

What shoes are you all wearing this season?