Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Utopia Ocean Nails

I've never actually owned or tried any Models Own nail varnish but I've heard good reviews so whilst on my shopping spree last week rummaging through the makeup in Boots something shimmery and perfect caught my eye! (I am like a Magpie).

Models Own Artstix Duo Nail Varnish in Utopia Ocean.
This is the prettiest nail varnish I have ever seen in my life so far. One end is a lovely pastel mauve and the other is the most stunning ocean blue with pink shimmer.

This is the base colour that only needs one coat for a perfect even colour. Although you do tend to paint the top coat over this, I think even on it's own it would serve well as a pretty natural shade. I also think this could look amazing under a crackle nail varnish!

As lovely as the base colour is, it's hard to look at the top coat and not want to paint it over! It is the most stunning colour, a mix of sky blue, shimmery pink and a slight purple hint. It really does remind me of a lovely blue ocean in the Maldives...ahh the Maldives *drifts away*.

The finished look is a gorgeous opalescent effect that changes colour in different lights. What more could you want from a nail varnish?!

I got my duo from Boots for around £6.00.
Other colours available are;
Jade Flakes
Nude Jack
Snow Mix
Pink Stuff
Boogie Dream
Freak Betty

There's a colour to suit every occasion and every style!
These pictures do not do the finished effect justice, try it for yourself it is utterly stunning.

Have you used the Models Own Duos before? What are your faves?