Thursday, 8 August 2013

Youtube Possibilities

Hallloo :)

So I'm thinking of joining the Youtube community and start vlogging! Eeeek! Yes I am a little scared if I'm honest, but I figured, life is way too short to be scared, let's just go for it!

I'm planning a channel for general Beauty bits and pieces, hauls, DIY's, reviews and plenty more, depending on how I feel, what I've been up to and what people request :) Always open to a good request!

I also will start a channel separately for my music. For those who don't want any of the beauty things, but just want to hear some covers and maybe in future some of my own songs (we shall see).

I already have my back drop created and my camera ready. I just need to pluck up the courage to sit down and talk to you guys...please be nice to me :)
Keeping up to my blog will still be a big priority and I won't let it lag behind. My videos will also be uploaded onto here for easier access.

The videos will be uploaded shortly (within the next week hopefully) and I realllyyy hope you don't get too frustrated with my Yorkshire accent :P
So keep your eyes peeled for my post about my first videos uploaded, I will post the channels for you to check out and if you really do like what you see or hear then please subscribe.

Speak to you soooon :)
(Also if anyone has any tips for me, I would be hugely grateful)