Friday, 6 September 2013

What's In My Hand Luggage

Hello prettyfuls :)

How are we all?

So I wrote a blog post recently about starting a YouTube channel and guess what? I did exactly that! 

I sat down with my notebook and jotted down ideas, just like I do with my blog. It took a while, I must admit, but eventually I came to the conclusion that because my holiday is coming up and my floor was littered with bags full of goodies, I would share with everyone What's In My Hand Luggage.

So I began setting everything up, camera on tripod..check, Lights in place..check, nice backdrop..check, all that was left to do was actually speak to the camera. This was THE hardest part. Trying to stay relaxed and natural in front of the camera is not easy. It took a few takes but I got there in the end.

And here is the finished product :)

I really hope you all enjoy! If you have any advice at all please comment, but also please be kind as this is my first video :)

I will have another video up soon on What's in my Suitcase and I will also post a blog post on this so keep an eye out for those.

Has anyone else considered making YouTube videos? Or have you made one already? If so please link your channel below and I will hop over and check it out.

Love you all!